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Uggh, I can't believe I blew this one....

On my way to yet another concert when disaster stuck and I had to stay home to take care of my son. After the clouds had lifted so to speak I drove over to Festival Con Dios here in Phoenix, AZ. It was going to be the biggest concert I would review for the site. I could hear KJ-52 pounding out rhyme from a street away but I would be to late. KJ-52 was wrapping up his show and all the other bands had finished their sets for the night. The one exception.... the Newsboys. In a bizarre case of completely bafoonery I passed up the chance to stick around for a reveiw of the band and went home. This one about a year or more ago. The next chance and catching this tour appears to be in May of 2005. I think it may be worthy of a road trip if they are not coming to Phoenix.

Festival Con Dios and Food For the Hungry recently collaborated on a trip to Bolivia as part of a larger vision to bring child sponsors to the children and communities they help support. Festival Con Dios, a pioneer among Christian music tours, is no stranger to big ideas. The traveling festival has become a cultural event, combining a carnival atmosphere -- complete with inflatable games and stunt shows -- with top artists and a passion for ministry. With the help of Food For the Hungry, Festival Con Dios is taking that ministry in a bold new direction. The two organizations first teamed up last fall to encourage audiences to show their love for the poor by sponsoring a child or going on a short-term mission trip. They raised the stakes with an unprecedented offer: to take a sponsor on an all expenses paid trip to visit his or her child overseas. The eventual plan is to make similar trips a regular event to give concertgoers at Festival Con Dios opportunities to meet the children they sponsor.

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