you know whats coming.... (ifyouknowme) wrote in decapolis,
you know whats coming....

Say it isn't E-SO....

Hey guys this is justin from the former Yes i know i said former, we decided to call it quits after mark left. Well see Mark wasnt from Southern Cali. He would actually travel down from Northern Cali to So Cal every time we wanted to play. This made it very hard on both parties. Mark was originally going to move down to So Cal but then some stuff got in the way. It broke off fine and we are a little bummed but you know God is didnt want us to go any further, which we had to accept. Thank you guys for your support through all the times. We might get together later on, but as for now we are kind of enjoying the relaxing feeling of not being in the band. Oh yah with Lee, the first singer, hes getting married really soon, so were excited to see what God does through that, and were not pressing him to spark up eso again. Hey but maybe some day we will have a reunion tour
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