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2004 Hardest Hitting Bands Yet.......

[ cat wants in ] I think I was reading somewhere that this year had been a bit of a disappointment Christian rock wise. I would beg to differ. While some will point to the emergence of  Falling Up, Hawk Nelson, Fallout, Kingsdown and Roper... (great bands all) I would like to direct your attention to some late entries,


[ flyleaf ] Blistering new female fronted rock.                   [ decyfer ] Bring the kitchen sink I always say....

... flyleaf currently touring mostly with saliva is starting to capture the attention of the masses. With post evanescence style guitar work and even better vocals these guys/gal are the real thing. Check out this bold new band out of Temple, Texas.

... decyfer hits us with a nice debut Ep and the sound of electric oblivian. Somewhere between post hardcore and straight forward devestation we find ourselves with the need to decyfer. Currently being played on The Effect Radio. This band has already attracted more fan-ratings than any other band in Cat Wants In history....

Also currently on the frontpage  mark 13  and  jaded thorns.  in addition new this week we introduce liptocoal another band proving Christian music is in for an incredible 2005.

CHANGE : We have removed Watashi Wa from the bands list, they are no longer. ESO has been moved to the band archive pages, they to have broken up.


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