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PROJECT 86-ed....

This from the PROJECT 86 journal.


We do apologize to all of you who came out to the Wilmore show, only to have us not play. We made an agreement with Pillar's mgmt. to play only clubs and neutral venues on this tour, seeing as we have a personal conviction about playing actual churches (because of many bad past experiences with this). There have been several shows on this tour which have been borderline, which we played somewhat reluctantly.

However, we were not informed prior to showing up yesterday that the venue was actually a church sanctuary. It's not that we hate churches or anything like's just that we just don't feel a legitimate band should play shows in that environment.

Again, we are sorry, but this is not something you should get upset at us for...if we would have known beforehand we never would have been on the bill in the first place. Come see us tonight in Louisville. If not, we will be back through this area early next year.

[catwantsin - quick overview of Project 86 history with the genre of Christian music would serve as a good preface for the statement I think Project 86 has been one of the very few honest bands out there. Because the band is made up of  Christians and they are accepted in every reputable Christian music forum as being consistant enough in message and lifestyle to remain. Although I do find it odd that the band had no issue with playing at Southwestern a well known Bible school we did the review on, but does have issues with playing in a church. Never the less I would advise that everyone hold their criticisms. The band actually has a stance on this and it should be embraced not alienated. Different bands have different ministries and I do hope one day these guys are willing to play anywhere without restrictions. In the meantime complaining about the fact that they don't want to play in a church actually compiles the judgement system which these guys feel they are already under. Hopefully most of us with just leave them alone. It is between them and the King Of Kings. If anything they are to be complimented for their persistance in be up front.

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