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My name is Chelsea. I'm definitely brand new to this community and I love you all for real, because that's how I am.

I live in Birmingham, Alabama (Heck yeah) and um...I love music a whole lot and my friends and Jesus.

Anyway, That was just an introduction before I get to the point of my post:
I want to go to Cornerstone this year. I'm so excited about the bands that are playing and it would just be extra amazing.
I joined the street team a few days ago and if I get enough people to buy tickets, I get a free one. That would be SOOO A GIFT FROM GOD/from the people who bought tickets.
So...If you buy a ticket to Cornerstone this year, and you don't already have a person's code to put in the little blank, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE put in mine.

My code &my sad face if I don't get to go:

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